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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Monthly Archives: March 2009

I swear… if you sing this song… whether you are a stressed out 5 year old, or a nervous 11 year old… or or or… just make the decision to put on those pants, tie up those laces and head out the door… Monday isn’t going to go away and Spring Break is OVER.

Double Dog Dare YOU to Sing Along!

Double Dog Dare YOU to Sing Along!

Gotta CLICK to Have Them Sing Along With YOU!

Top 10 Things I am Happy About on THIS Particular Monday:

  1. The no parking, standing, stopping, waiting, breathing, or smiling signs were GONE from the kids’ busstop today!
  2. It has cooled off again in Phx with a high today of 78 so maybe we get to return to Spring temps for a bit longer.
  3. My boss is in Hawaii on vacation for most of the week!
  4. I can finish things on MY to do list at work because of #3.
  5. Tonight is Fruit, Vegetable, & Sex Trivia at Bistro Olive…. yes… & Sex… I suggested they add that at the end of all Trivia events because people will come then… yes… Sex sells baby.
  6. Maybe today is a Subway day for lunch.
  7. My email inbox has almost all the junk deleted already because I deleted it from my Blackberry. Woot!
  8. My PLURK karma has remained steady (shameless ploy to get you to Plurk too! Come on… you know you WANT to! 
  9. Carlos and Otis are patroling Marco Island while I am away today in RL.
  10. I have a LOT to be thankful for and I love my family and friends very much!

Ok… ready to make your Monday list?  Things are good!  I keep saying that.  Even the stock market went up some today…. go figure 🙂


I awoke this a.m. to my first morning in days where I could just be. My only real obligation is late in the day and my little twins were snuggled in to me. I’m indulging myself in some Sunday morning favorite things. I’m enjoying listening to Dave DJ. He loves this Sunday morning gig at Savoy. I’m soaking up some incredible television. I know I know… how can that be? Joel Osteen is my secret or not so secret motivational, inspirational pleasure. He is a bright spot in the media these days.

He shared this a.m. how important it is to have purpose in every step. Make the most of every day and clear the clouds before you go to bed at night by turning it all over. Why go to the end of your life and end up with regrets? He has such an incredible message. It is like a light dimmer switch that just turns up all the things inside me I need to remember. Turning things over and starting each day a new makes me brighter… makes more things possible…

If you knew you only had 6 months to live… would you be so adament about resolving and reconciling a relationship that the other person didn’t want reconciled?…. Accept each day as a present and go out and live it to the fullest…

People tease me about having ridiculous expectations some days. I pack 10 times more than is possible into the day. I try to do 10 more things than I should. I’m implusive. I don’t read directions. I am not as cautious as I should be. But… I can laugh at myself and the crazy things that come about. I can say I’m sorry and ask forgiveness. I can work toward making the next time better. Oh… and maybe MOST importantly… practice your smiling muscles… laugh… force yourself to laugh and see how long it will take before you let loose a real laugh… and remember to give a hug and say thank you. I try so hard to be appreciative. Appreciate. Turn it into an action verb.

86,400 seconds each day… how are you spending it every day…

Sometimes I get very caught up in the here and now… the never ending list of things to do and the piles of life that need my most urgent attention… and I forget to view the here and now as a stepping stone to what is next.

Lately… when I have had a morning to sleep in… I have forced myself to do so. I am so fortunate to have a husband who lets me and I roll over, cover my head and let the birds sing good morning to someone else. I have felt like the morning came too early and I felt like getting out of bed was just too much to expect. My house, my kids, my job, my RL and SL… it just all felt overwhelming. I felt empty and sad. Depressed from the news day in and day out about life going from bad to worse, depressed from news of my mom finding a new kind of cancer on her body, depressed from updates of my youngest’s teacher about school progress… I could go on…but then I would depress you!

My half full… had a leak I think. I’ve neglected my blog because I wasn’t feeling very resilient. My positivity had done nothing to save a friend’s marriage… to help some stay employed… to keep people cancer free… to help people understand that being a friend means more than just a token place in a profile… I have been reminded over and over that mean people come disguised and on soft tip toes into your life and if you aren’t careful… they will suck things from you – but ONLY as long as you let them have that power. The last few months I have made the mistake of giving some power they didn’t warrant or deserve.

I heard a message this a.m. Very loud. Very clear. I can wander in the desert for days, weeks, months, years. I can choose to ignore the flowers that bloom and the rains that turn the desert a brilliant green. OR I can open my eyes. I can see things for how they are. I can slip on my rose colored glasses that are dusty from storage and return to my view of the world that helps me add one or two more things to my plate and soak up all the good stuff life has to offer.

I choose that. I choose the glasses. I choose the cup that is half full. I choose to pick the flowers and carry them in my hand and smell their sweet smell for the moment. I have faith to know there will be more flowers and more to fill my cup.

Springtime at Cabeza Prieta by Catherine Sickafoose

Springtime at Cabeza Prieta by Catherine Sickafoose

My husband pretends to drink Hate-er-ade but I know that isn’t true and I thank him for sticking with me through this period of gray half-emptiness. Pulling the weeds so we can enjoy the flowers… cleaning the carpet so we can remember how much we appreciate having some to walk on. Enjoying a few days of vacation AFTER a furlough day because I have earned it, not because I was mandated to take it. Soaking up the springtime AZ sun in the most beautiful time of year in Phoenix. Deciding that sometimes when you aren’t sure where to start you just have to start somewhere. I’m starting today. I’m making a promise to return to my half-full self. It feels good to take the first few steps in that direction. Pour yourself a cup. Pick a few flowers. Choose something nice to say and feel free to join me. My life is too short for anything else.

the woman who never took a breath
tells a never ending story of her midwestern upbringing and
the gentle rough-edged man in the union cap
nodded and listened politely
before take-off
after the drinks and peanuts were served
and upon decent into LA

the man in the front of me one row
in the window seat
looked in his late forties with a McJagger haircut
threw a mild temper tantrum and
dropped the f bomb on the flight attendant
before ever leaving the gate
Row 1 – his row, bulk head… no room for bags at your feet
Later to be difficult he ordered
hot cocoa with extra cream
Can you even order that on Southwest?

The man beside me… 60ish… on some sort of business pleasure trip
had waited patiently at the gate with his wife
explaining how boarding worked
but now has the window seat alone
with an open seat between he and I
and is happily sleeping with his Boise headphones in place
where did he stow his wife?

A hip career woman in seat 1 F
forgot her boarding number and snuck in line in front
of the man in front of me
with a wink
She sits ahead of me with dark brown curly yarn
working her craft, her pasttime
sitting next to another man now
making conversation along with her sweater

bumps expected upon arrival
blonde, tanned flight attendants begin early clean up
my head is filled with Harper’s magazine intellect
my ears are full of surrounding passenger chatter
my heart is worrying about my babies back home
the mountainous landscape
and geometric fields below
grow closer
and quick adventures
await upon the horizon