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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

the woman who never took a breath
tells a never ending story of her midwestern upbringing and
the gentle rough-edged man in the union cap
nodded and listened politely
before take-off
after the drinks and peanuts were served
and upon decent into LA

the man in the front of me one row
in the window seat
looked in his late forties with a McJagger haircut
threw a mild temper tantrum and
dropped the f bomb on the flight attendant
before ever leaving the gate
Row 1 – his row, bulk head… no room for bags at your feet
Later to be difficult he ordered
hot cocoa with extra cream
Can you even order that on Southwest?

The man beside me… 60ish… on some sort of business pleasure trip
had waited patiently at the gate with his wife
explaining how boarding worked
but now has the window seat alone
with an open seat between he and I
and is happily sleeping with his Boise headphones in place
where did he stow his wife?

A hip career woman in seat 1 F
forgot her boarding number and snuck in line in front
of the man in front of me
with a wink
She sits ahead of me with dark brown curly yarn
working her craft, her pasttime
sitting next to another man now
making conversation along with her sweater

bumps expected upon arrival
blonde, tanned flight attendants begin early clean up
my head is filled with Harper’s magazine intellect
my ears are full of surrounding passenger chatter
my heart is worrying about my babies back home
the mountainous landscape
and geometric fields below
grow closer
and quick adventures
await upon the horizon



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