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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

I awoke this a.m. to my first morning in days where I could just be. My only real obligation is late in the day and my little twins were snuggled in to me. I’m indulging myself in some Sunday morning favorite things. I’m enjoying listening to Dave DJ. He loves this Sunday morning gig at Savoy. I’m soaking up some incredible television. I know I know… how can that be? Joel Osteen is my secret or not so secret motivational, inspirational pleasure. He is a bright spot in the media these days.

He shared this a.m. how important it is to have purpose in every step. Make the most of every day and clear the clouds before you go to bed at night by turning it all over. Why go to the end of your life and end up with regrets? He has such an incredible message. It is like a light dimmer switch that just turns up all the things inside me I need to remember. Turning things over and starting each day a new makes me brighter… makes more things possible…

If you knew you only had 6 months to live… would you be so adament about resolving and reconciling a relationship that the other person didn’t want reconciled?…. Accept each day as a present and go out and live it to the fullest…

People tease me about having ridiculous expectations some days. I pack 10 times more than is possible into the day. I try to do 10 more things than I should. I’m implusive. I don’t read directions. I am not as cautious as I should be. But… I can laugh at myself and the crazy things that come about. I can say I’m sorry and ask forgiveness. I can work toward making the next time better. Oh… and maybe MOST importantly… practice your smiling muscles… laugh… force yourself to laugh and see how long it will take before you let loose a real laugh… and remember to give a hug and say thank you. I try so hard to be appreciative. Appreciate. Turn it into an action verb.

86,400 seconds each day… how are you spending it every day…


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