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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

So this horiscope wandered into email today… is it wrong that the idea of a rebellious and independent week kind of excites me?

Today’s Outlook: This entire week may be defined by the conjunction of aggressive Mars and unorthodox Uranus that’s exact on Wednesday, indicating the likelihood of rebellious activities as we strive to demonstrate our independence from social convention. Today’s adventurous Sagittarius Moon can inspire us to think about ways to escape our humdrum routines, and quicksilver Mercury’s harsh semisquare to Mars could push us closer to our dance with the edge.

If I was to have projected the week ahead in my own making of a horiscope – from the looks of my calendar – it is really the calm before the storm. The following week builds momentum and busy-ness as work and family and birthdays await. The end of school comes with lots to do. Turning 40 makes for new and interesting thoughts. As I commute, I have begun to think about the NEXT 40 years and what all that means. Honestly… there is a lot to be excited about and 40 seems like an incredible milestone -so very different from any other up to this point that I have experienced.

Monday is quiet. Today is a day of catching up and unpacking Sesame Street plush characters that arrived at work. It is a day of a lot of planning and grant writing for things due later in the month. I feel like I am procrastinating – and yet – my wheels continue to turn. I think it is that there is no pressure of deadline looming.

So what will become out of the ordinary and rebellious this week? Hmmmmmm šŸ™‚ Kinda sounds exciting huh? I’ll keep you posted… I had thought about getting a tattoo to celebrate turning 40… something about “Life is Good”… but for now I settled on adhering a sticker with that saying on it to the corner of my back car window. (Up until this point I have always been very anti car stickers)…. Racey? Ok not really… I’ll keep thinking šŸ™‚


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