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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

I know I have bombarded you with quotes from junk mail recently… but sometimes that junk mail is what I find the best nuggets in – and they make for the best diversion. Prove me wrong 🙂 Take a moment to read with me…


Is there ever any wonder why we look to the sky ?

Is there ever any wonder why we look to the sky ? by Jøãø Mär¢øs



Every morning, afternoon and night, take a 30-second break to look at the sky, breathe deeply and offer thanks.

Even though the world has its problems, the sun still rises in the sky each morning, and we’re awake and alive when we get out of bed. Let the sky be a touchstone to hope. Think of other people around the world as you look at the sky, and know that we all share this planet together. Among all of us, we have the ability to create solutions to the problems that now exist.

Trust that this is so.
~ 8 Ways to Increase Hope,

So I thought I might take a quick moment in my glimpse at the sky to think and record 8 things I am thankful for that bring me joy (in no particular order):

  1. the smile on my little girl’s face and the sweet way she slips her hand into mine when we walk somewhere together – even within our own house
  2. the tilt of my youngest son’s head when I tell him I want to give him a kiss – he likes me to kiss the top of his head
  3. the silly coo-ing howl of our dog who spends way too much time in the backyard with birds who share her dogfood
  4. my oldest son’s height and sense of humor – I love watching him become a man – and enjoy the parts of him that are still very much a little boy
  5. my middle son’s confidence around others – and his habit of always saying blessings on each one of us when we start off for our day – no matter what chaos ensued prior to getting out to the driveway
  6. my husband’s crazy sense of humor, love of great music he shares with our kids, and exceptional shopping taste for women’s lingerie (I hate shopping for that kinda stuff)
  7. jobs – first life, second life – that give us a sense of purpose, help us to be of value to others and see ways for us to connect our talents with larger efforts, and most importantly help pay the bills
  8. friends – real and imagined 🙂 – who carry me when I’m down, lift me up when I need it, keep me grounded in reality and most of all help me lighten up and laugh.  smiles and laughter can cure all – I am just sure of it!
  9. imagination – mine and those I choose to surround myself with – I love imagining what is possible, dreaming big and then figuring out ways to make it all happen.

OOPS!  #9 was a bonus I guess…

Back to work 🙂  I do hope though… you’ll take some time to gaze up at the sky where you are today and think about the others you know and love doing the same… I bet you have at least 8 things you are thankful for as well.


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