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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

I woke up Friday morning and was so happy. I was incredibly proud of the crazy group of friends that finds their way to Savoy. I brought a RL friend into SL and she was loved and showered with gifts and really… the ONLY person who did their best to scare her was Bigd! The green striped suit… eeeeeeK!

Blissie didn’t threaten to shoot her. No one accused her of being an alt. Her daughter was helping her drive — and also accused D of having ugly clothes.

Ranae complimented me for the “cool people” I know on SL.. and it made me smile big. I rattled off bits and pieces of who each of you are in RL and was proud to have each of you in my life. I have been teased endlessly for my love of “imaginary friends” on SL and I was so glad to show you all off and your incredible imaginations!

Cheers to good friends and the start of summer and many more adventures to come. Summer is here… the living has GOT to get easier. And… I’m gonna be back at the blog. I’ve missed it and missed reading yours too!

Another noob no longer so new...

Another noob no longer so new...

I didn’t have any pictures from the other night — but I did have a picture of another noob we welcomed back in December to Marco Island. We are lucky he decided to stay despite our craziness! And I’m glad Crighton has made the Savoy a great place to bring noobs 🙂 even if he DOESN’T offer a college credit option for jazz 101 🙂


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