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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

a favorite from a passerby…

2nd life tab:

RL lessons that apply to SL…and vice versa!

1. common sense is the true sense
2. a sense of humor is only common sense
3. respect and trust are earned – never “acquired”
4. the right of way is always given – never taken
5. to be a teacher – you first need to know how to learn
6. you don’t pick your horse, your horse picks you
7. value friendship – you’ll miss it when it’s gone
8. lighten up! the game is life…life is the game…

1st life tab:
my RL is the same as my SL

– except that I appear to be a pretty good ballroom dancer – & there’s that small tattoo thing
– & I can fly
– & I really do hear little voices

Hmmmmm….some differences after all…

I was quite curious to learn there are classes in SL now to teach people about their profiles! I love that! I hate an empty profile! I have my best field trip finds from reading others’ profiles. Have you updated yours recently?


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