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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Bear with me while I work through some blog growing pains and adjust its look and feel.  The previous was so bold and colorful but the columns were too narrow.  This may be better.  I love how bright and cheery it is.  We’ll see how it feels a few days from now.

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A few crazy life changes have taken place since I last blogged. School is well underway as is all the bugs that go with it.  For some reason our house has a giant magnet on it — germs find us first.   And… when they do find us – they find us fast and hard.  Our whole family was down with the stomach flu for 2 full days.  Nothing like having kids as young as 6 fend for themselves because even mommy and daddy are down for the count!

But! Then when you feel death is imminent because you can’t imaging things being worse — you are reminded how fortunate you are, and how fragile life is (minus stomach flu).  My dad called us to tell us my mom had fallen and broken her shoulder and hip.  Fortunately it was only hairline fractures in her hip but full clean breaks in her shoulder.  She fell alone while walking on the side of the road and had to wait for someone to come by and help call 911.  Just the thought of her being alone, waiting for help, made me so thankful for nameless strangers, angels.

This crazy life has such little wiggle room for error.  We have things timed in the morning down to the second to get out the door and on time to our destinations.  We work through the day with precision from event to event, meeting to meeting.  It is only when things come to a screeching hault from flu, from family crisis, that we are reminded how important the big things are in life — and that while the minute to minute living may seem to prevail most days — it is when we finally can enjoy a bite of real food and when we can be thankful for small blessings like fractures instead of breaks that I remember what is important.

I wondered on Sunday how I would make it through this crazy week when I looked at my calendar and my stacked Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were.  I didn’t expect this type of divine intervention. *Laugh*
Cheers to good health.  Cheers to answered prayers.  Cheers to rest and recovery.  Finally, cheers to slowing down and just being.  Sometimes being is just plenty enough.


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