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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

an Arizona sunsetToday is Blog Action Day 2009:  Climate Change.  I’ve thought all day long what to write about.  I’ve read the updates as they came through.  I got excited about the worldwide momentum in the blogosphere.  Yet… my post didn’t materialize.  Often when I drive, I find the posts take root.  Today…  I waited and waited.

Was it the start of my day in a low flow shower?  Was it my kids willingly taking out the recycling?  Was it the excitement of my 11 year old over trying out the new “air powered” vacuum attachment to our central vac that uses less energy?  Was it everyone’s decision in the house to turn off the water while brushing teeth? Or turning up the A/C a few degrees before leaving the house?

Maybe it was my commute to work in the HOV lane in my small hybrid car?  Maybe it was the plastic bottle I threw in the blue container instead of the round trash bin on my way out of the parking garage?

Was it my choice to take notes on my laptop rather than paper?  Or my decision to view online rather than print out?

Was it the conscious choice my colleague made to save scraps of foam core board for another project rather than throw away unused portions?

Was it the decision to open the windows and let in the cool evening air and save the air conditioning?  Turn off a few extra lights and unplug a few unnecessary items?

So much in our world consumes our need to take take and take some more of resources that are finite.  In our rush to move on to the next best and greatest thing on our to do list, we often take the small decisions for granted.  However… at the end of the day… is it the collection of all our decisions… the lump sum… that shows how we can ultimately make a difference with one small decision at a time?

If you choose to not let something begin with you — that is a choice.  If you decide saving the planet is just a cause someone dreamt up to be hip and that it really is all a facade then  this is not the post for you.  If you believe that even the smallest Hoo in Hooville can make a difference… then I challenge you to think through your day… from small to big things and see where you made a difference.

I know change is hard.  It takes 21 days to create a habit.  We have recycled for years but it has just been recently that our kids have really started taking pride in the recycle bin filling faster than the trash.  They are slowly understanding electricity and water usage.  They are the future scientists I help imagine a better world each and every day.  They are the ones who I dream a better world for and I pray each and every one begins to see.. the small differences each of us can make as individuals.


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