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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

I just jumped out of the shower.  A Sunday night shower before an early Monday morning.  An atypical Monday morning where Dave will make sure all our precious peewees make it to their destined bus rides to start their week, rather than me.

I got to thinking about the weekend.  This weekend was fairly unscheduled.  It was open.  It involved mandatory trips to the store and the usual meal preparation but other than that… it was me and barbies and legos and television candy (the stuff Mom wants to watch, not just the kids) and good friends online. It involved some fun new tools I learned about from Discovery (yes the competition had an online conference).  It involved a bit of cleaning (sadly not a big enough bit).

But… it did involve some BIG pieces of snuggling.  As I write this I gaze down at my two youngest who fell asleep beside me this evening.  It did involve helping and giving back (mostly on the part of my husband who did a round trip to pick up a car a few hours away with my dad).  It did involve a charitable event in which we raised $12,000L (what is that in RL anyway?) for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.  It did also involve good friends in SL.  The conversation this afternoon went something like this…

“if I have had friendships that have lasted almost 3 years and he/she can’t keep one longer than 6 months… then the problem obviously isn’t with me”

chocolate and friends

chocolate and friends

It got me thinking about the friends I have… the ones in both RL and SL.  It got me thinking about the people I have invested in… months, and years.  Some as many as 15 years… some closer to 8 years… and some just under 3 years… pixelated or not…  I love them all.  They have been with me at the lowest lows and loved me anyway.  They have ridden the highest highs and giggled and enjoyed some craziness.  Some are friends I am just now reacquainting myself with from 15 or more years ago.  The little notes we exchange remind me of how much I valued them in my life long ago and how glad I am they are back.

This weekend was about resting.  Sometimes we need sleep.  Sometimes we need quiet.  Sometimes we need a good long hot shower with yummy smelling bodywash.  Sometimes we just need a long hug and feel safe.

Dave keeps telling me to expect what I can’t even imagine as a solution to so many things troubling me.  I hold tight to that.  I remind myself over and over throughout the journey of a week’s time to imagine supernatural and keep the faith.  I will do that this next week again.  Cheers to all the real things we cherish in our lives — family, children, friends.  Hold tight.  Be kind.  Help someone else feel safe.  Expect surprises.  Have faith.

A place to remember...

A place to remember...


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