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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

200 unread – Bloomin Plurk! – Kimala Kohime [kimala] on Plurk.

[19:29]  Kimala Kohime: d said i’m overloading the airwaves
[19:29]  Kimala Kohime: i put on my SL plurk hud
[19:29]  Blissie Boucher nods.
[19:29]  Blissie Boucher: I think he might be right.
[19:30]  Kimala Kohime: and plurked from savoy — and my plurk went to twitter and my twitter went to facebook
[19:30]  Kimala Kohime nods
[19:30]  Kimala Kohime: its like a daisychain extention cord scene

[19:30]  Kimala Kohime: overloaded

[19:30]  Blissie Boucher: Oh good lord
[19:30]  Blissie Boucher: LOL
[19:32]  bigd Flanagan: sensory overload

These are the things I find fascinating and challenging.  Why not link all these crazy new tools together and see what happens?

Come on… I double dog dare you!

P.S…. Dare I add… I simply posted this by clicking the “Press This” button from my Firefox bookmarks bar and… wa-la… a post.. was THERE!


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