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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

a bit late… but yesterday was so full of cleaning and eating and just general family time that I thought I would focus best today in a quiet moment on things I really love and appreciate…

in no particular order…

  • my 4 beautiful babies
  • my husband
  • my parents
  • my friends
  • my “imaginary” friends 🙂
  • my family
  • a home
  • snuggly blankets
  • sibling rivalry
  • bike riding on beautiful fall afternoons
  • yummy dinners with fancy dishes
  • hot showers with delicious smelling shower gel
  • a job i love most days
  • dreams and lots of potential
  • being read to by my kids
  • listening to my husband’s short stories
  • upcoming holidays
  • the promise of good leftovers today
  • time to shop for fun things on SL
  • ice skating later at the Bistro Olive
  • being reacquainted with those I love on FB
  • the possibility of 3 full days off still ahead of me
  • Fall & Winter weather in Phoenix
  • naps
  • soap operas on DVR
  • health
  • happiness
  • faith and all the supernatural things in abundance

I could go on and on.  The big and the small.  There are so many things I find myself grateful for on a daily basis.  I find I’m even grateful for the silly “alts” that wander through SL locations because they miss being near us (even though they can’t admit it with their own avatar in person).  *giggles*

Today I have a friend and her dad and the rest of her family prominently in my thoughts and prayers.  Yesterday’s Thanksgiving that she had baked up a storm for with oodles of cranberries in every shape and form with no idea her celebration would end up in the hospital waiting room.  My dear NYC Blissie is the one we all need to keep close in our thoughts and prayers — she and her dad.   I am so thankful for her friendship and wanted to make sure and share for those who know her too.

Life is short. Breathe in the crisp Fall air deeply -wherever you are.  Enjoy those turkey day leftovers.  And be kind to others on your Black Friday adventures.


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