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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Greeters, Docent and Tour Guide overview session Saturday February 27 at 4 pm SLT.

Volunteer Opportunities for New Resident Orientation and Socials

New Resident Orientation – this is helping out at the Rockcliffe Gateway with first time users of SL.

Social Sim Greeter – this is a VWBPE Central greeting, giving info on sessions and resources on conference and basic SL questions.

SWAG Docent – helping newer residents use resources, tools and objects in their swag bags.We have a sim set aside on Social to do this.

Social Event Greeters – A number of our social events have requested greeters. These are at designated social times.

We’ll be doing an overview of how these volunteer positions will work and do sign-ups. We’ll also sending out an email to anyone who signed up on the volunteer survey to make sure that they can still do the hours they signed up for earlier.

Virtual World tours guides and Docents will meet at a later date. If you are interested in helping with developing the material, assisting people to get inworld or doing the tours please email

Reaction Grid
Forbidden City
Quest Atlantis
World of Warcraft
Club Penguin
Habbo Hotel
City of Heroes


Chinese New Year... Incredible Second Life Travel

Sometimes there are things in Second Life that just take your breath away. This, was one of them. Kimmer got the announcement as an optional event to attend as part of Virtual Pioneers. Incredible find. Thank you to Spiff Whitfield, my afternoon improved for the better.

Elektra joined me and even knew how to cheer in Chinese! Nothing better than attending a worldly celebration with your wolf-friend from Italy!

Moira joined us then and captured things on film with me. She has a fancier computer than me so I have to envy her graphics. Either way… it is always fun to have a New Zealand photographer/minister join in the occaision!

Good afternoon? How can it not! It is the year of the Tiger!

Sad that WordPress won't embed the original flash wiget!

*shakes fist at WordPress*

Kmbflack’s Geek Chart

A fun thing… to see where you spend your time. I already sent them a note to ask when Second Life was going to be added. Maybe we need multiple usernames for different programs as well. Either way… a pie chart is always a good thing! And speaking of pie… that leads to needing something to drink. Why not consider milk?

I couldn’t sleep after 3 am today and found the most interesting things online. Monster Milktruck? When will THAT get added to Geekchart 🙂

In a stunning combination of GoogleEarth and a milk truck that seemed to have driven itself right out of Second Life, I was able to explore some of my day to day “Real” life. The only criticism I have to share is that my building still shows under construction even though we have been moved in for over a year. Come on Google!

Ok… I will now drag my sleep deprived self back to bed to catch a few more zzzzzz’s.

I am currently teaching a few courses online and found this today. I just loved it. I think it applies to any life you live in – first or second. See what you think:

A value is the worth that you place on something.
Your values are what you believe in or consider to be important.

Re-thinking your values is important to strengthening self-esteem because they help you decide what is right and wise for you.

Your values help determine the guiding principles by which you live. They influence your decisions and the goals you set.

For many situations in life, there aren’t clear cut answers… including this effort to explore values.

I especially appreciate the last point. I think so often when we are in conversations with others we are implying or imposing our values on someone else. It is extremely difficult to step outside those and go to a neutral place to consider the values of someone else.

No matter what though — I still love that blogger’s thoughts on profile quotes 🙂 I’m digging the value set he imposes as he reads others profiles in SecondLife! If only first were that easy 🙂

I suppose this is what is required when you are not sure what to write or what there is to say. SL has grown somewhat stale. My RL is overflowingly busy. Things on SL are at the end of my RL day when I’m exhausted. I suppose it is either a sign for a break or a sign I need to find a new time zone 🙂

The Bistro was a year old in August 2009. It will be approaching its 1 1/2 year old celebration this weekend in its new location… no longer new on the 1/4 sim at Marco Island. Clubs come and clubs go but I thought… and still think… the Bistro has something unique to offer people. I hope others still feel that way. Some days I am not so sure.

I found the best blog today while out looking for things for the VWBPE conference as Kimmer. It quoted things found in profiles and made fun of them. It made me laugh. I think too often people in SL take themselves WAY too seriously and forget to laugh.

Second Life profiles are the cause of more bloody drama and bullshit than I care to even waste my breath writing about. And people rarely mean what they say in their profiles. Here are some common profile lines and their translations from bullshit to English.

Just consider yourself forwarned… you WILL recognize the quotes in this blogpost! Laugh. Make sure you laugh. And… if you find your profile offers something similar.. maybe perhaps you should consider an edit?

Oh… and if you think you haven’t bothered to say hello to someone in a while.. or wait for them to come to you… then make an effort… right now to change that. SLife and RLife is too short to not remember and remind those you appreciate that you do!
My new SL best friend!

Yes… I realize this post is a bit preachy but I try very hard to keep everyone in my SLfamily happy and often wonder if they wonder about me. Yes… I am a bit down. I am discouraged when my SL boyfriend simply answers me with a simple automated response rather than thoughts he formulated himself. He is a handsome devil but doesn’t communicate well. *sigh* *points to picture of said boyfriend above*