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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Monthly Archives: March 2010

I looked up today and realized it was almost the end of March. When did that happen? When did the world hit the fast forward button and wake me up with only a few days until April?

I took a closer look at the image I had placed in the header of my blog and realized it was more fitting than I ever had imagined. Somehow, hanging onto a giant leaf, on the edge of a giant world, seems so poetic and fitting for the time that has escaped me over the past few months.

I took a trip across the country over the weekend. It was fast. It was very rewarding on many levels. And it let me press the pause button for life in Arizona. For just a minute I was suspended in time and able to sleep and breathe and just think of really… well… nothing more than what kind of coffee I would like to order from Starbucks and whether or not I should take an extra pen from the table with Ronald Reagan’s name on it for my colleague that loves and admires the man so.

The pause button put an interesting thing into play. As I returned to my regularily scheduled programming, as they call it in tv land, I slept. I re-emerged slowly. I enjoyed. I snuggled my family. I took a day at home to have the WHOLE HOUSE to myself. I savored the accomplishments of my family last week with regards to our garage. I sat on the couch. I watched some of my shows I had DVR’d. I just was.

Today I returned to work feeling a little off kilter. I was pleased with the award I carried into the office in my bag. I was happy to share some ideas and talk about next steps on a few projects. I had a great meeting where I didn’t even take notes, my great new outreach specialist did the honors. And… we just laughed. It was a work day very unlike some. It was full of email and things to do but nothing on fire and nothing near death.

I’m home now. My feet are up. My kids are all just being. My daughter is showing me how a heart works using a balloon filled with a small bit of air. I have found my way back to my blog and celebrating just being.

I found a Dixie Chicks CD in the car on the way home and belted out a few of my favorites. It felt good. The sunset was typical Arizona beautiful and Venus was just appearing in the twilight. The springtime air is full of delicious smells and as I pull into the driveway I find the windows open… breathing in… enjoying what is to be had of glorious March in Arizona. The desert can be so beautiful. The world can sometimes all seem so right.

Cycles of life continue on and I find myself just savoring all that is. Decompression is a good thing. Sometimes you just run out of the stress that makes you tick faster and faster. Once that source is gone… you find out what is at the core and what really matters. I know where I’m going. I love what I’m doing. Breathe deeply… decompress… and see if you might find there are answers in that breeze and that silence and in that incredible springtime air.