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I suppose this is what is required when you are not sure what to write or what there is to say. SL has grown somewhat stale. My RL is overflowingly busy. Things on SL are at the end of my RL day when I’m exhausted. I suppose it is either a sign for a break or a sign I need to find a new time zone 🙂

The Bistro was a year old in August 2009. It will be approaching its 1 1/2 year old celebration this weekend in its new location… no longer new on the 1/4 sim at Marco Island. Clubs come and clubs go but I thought… and still think… the Bistro has something unique to offer people. I hope others still feel that way. Some days I am not so sure.

I found the best blog today while out looking for things for the VWBPE conference as Kimmer. It quoted things found in profiles and made fun of them. It made me laugh. I think too often people in SL take themselves WAY too seriously and forget to laugh.

Second Life profiles are the cause of more bloody drama and bullshit than I care to even waste my breath writing about. And people rarely mean what they say in their profiles. Here are some common profile lines and their translations from bullshit to English.

Just consider yourself forwarned… you WILL recognize the quotes in this blogpost! Laugh. Make sure you laugh. And… if you find your profile offers something similar.. maybe perhaps you should consider an edit?

Oh… and if you think you haven’t bothered to say hello to someone in a while.. or wait for them to come to you… then make an effort… right now to change that. SLife and RLife is too short to not remember and remind those you appreciate that you do!
My new SL best friend!

Yes… I realize this post is a bit preachy but I try very hard to keep everyone in my SLfamily happy and often wonder if they wonder about me. Yes… I am a bit down. I am discouraged when my SL boyfriend simply answers me with a simple automated response rather than thoughts he formulated himself. He is a handsome devil but doesn’t communicate well. *sigh* *points to picture of said boyfriend above*


200 unread – Bloomin Plurk! – Kimala Kohime [kimala] on Plurk.

[19:29]  Kimala Kohime: d said i’m overloading the airwaves
[19:29]  Kimala Kohime: i put on my SL plurk hud
[19:29]  Blissie Boucher nods.
[19:29]  Blissie Boucher: I think he might be right.
[19:30]  Kimala Kohime: and plurked from savoy — and my plurk went to twitter and my twitter went to facebook
[19:30]  Kimala Kohime nods
[19:30]  Kimala Kohime: its like a daisychain extention cord scene

[19:30]  Kimala Kohime: overloaded

[19:30]  Blissie Boucher: Oh good lord
[19:30]  Blissie Boucher: LOL
[19:32]  bigd Flanagan: sensory overload

These are the things I find fascinating and challenging.  Why not link all these crazy new tools together and see what happens?

Come on… I double dog dare you!

P.S…. Dare I add… I simply posted this by clicking the “Press This” button from my Firefox bookmarks bar and… wa-la… a post.. was THERE!

but look what I found! How can you possibly go wrong on a location named “Happy Mood!”

Skybox Garden All to Myself

Skybox Garde

It feels good to have made it to late night SL again… I’m ready to see what other hidden gems are found in those other 85,000 other sims.

Yesterday was a unique day for Bigd and I. We had time ALONE on SL! I know that sounds odd — but normally he and I are racing around doing this or that or the other thing for a business venture or event. Today the middle of the day meant we sat there looking at each other and said… hey… wanna go on a field trip?

Deep in the Tomb

Deep in the Tomb

The King Tut sim will be highlighted soon in the Virtual Pioneers History Educator group that Kimmer and Bigd are a part of — but I was excited to go and explore ahead of time. Half way through our tour we heard from 2 familiar faces — Parker and Aeryn. We invited them to come too. Aeryn had to leave to order pizza so it was really Parker who braved the chilly underground tombs with us for the longest.

SL is filled with so many incredible opportunities. Field trips to explore the amazing imaginations of others is definitely something to not let take a back burner. They inspire and remind us of the possibility of SL beyond shopping and dancing and events and decorating.

Thank you in advance for indulging in our field trip photographs!

Click to See More!  Field Trip Photos are the BEST!

Click to See More! Field Trip Photos are the BEST!

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I SHARE by Botgirl

I SHARE by Botgirl

Thank you Botgirl for your insight and analysis.  You give lots of food for thought.  Why do you log in?

In the never-ending dilemma of keeping or deleting people from the SL friends list, I found this quote a perfect fit.

Regina: We do not have a clique problem at this school.
Gretchen: But you do have to watch out for “frenemies”.
Regina: What are “frenemies”?
Gretchen: Frenemies are enemies who act like friends. We call them “frenemies”.
Karen: Or “enemends”.
Gretchen: Or friends who secretly hate you, we call them “fraitors”.
Regina: [rolls eyes] That is so gay.
Karen: [gasps] What if we called them “mean-em-aitors”?
Regina: [scoffs]
Gretchen: No, honey, it has to have the word “friend” in it.
Karen: Oh…
~ Mean Girls, 2004

Why keep people on your list if you don’t really like them? To avoid drama? Because someday they may come back and be your friend again? Because you don’t believe in un-friending but you do believe in ignoring? What qualities should be in a friend who made the list? How do you figure out who not to put on your list? The whole list thing… I’m sure it will be a sociology study of the next few decades.

There are horrible things all around us that make life too short to deal with the silliness of who said what to whom when. Bigger issues like marital separations, cancer, job cuts, financial losses, illness in children, aging parents…. aren’t these the issues we should be focused on? When does it become less about petty grievances and bigger issues to care about and support each other on. I found Second Life at a point in my own first life when I was at an all time low for creativity and sadness with regard to a hostile takeover in my career. I found friends. I found laughter. I found people I genuinely care about. I found creativity. I didn’t realize this Second Life would also contain all those dark elements of first that just suck the life out of you.

I’ve always been one to believe in asking for what you need. If I am on your list, and I am not giving you what you need. Then either speak up, and ask for it, or simply consider moving on. Delete me. I know that sounds silly and bold at the same time but honestly… life is too short. I’m still in Second Life for all those same things I wandered in and found almost two years ago. But I have added to my list – business ventures and event planning and publicity. I love those things. It allows me to be something in Second that I do some in first and it allows a fun interchange between the two.

Decide whether you want a list of friends, or a list of frenemies. Simple question. Either you’re on one side of the fence, or the other. Pick one. Make something positive and joyful and exciting of your Second Life. Why would you spend time and energy doing anything else with an imaginary world ruled by real hearts and minds?

just aren’t fun. Being told people saw enough of me yesterday and that’s why they aren’t answering my invitations to Parker’s party? It is hard trying to rally people. So.. why try?

Humor as sarcasm is lost on me when I am tired. My patience… zapped. People who carry endless grudges but expect you to be around them? People who don’t know how to forgive? People who IM me and ask if so-and-so will be there because maybe they shouldn’t come by as a result?

I don’t want my SLife to be that way. Life is short. First and Second. Mikki reminded me today there was an off button and by God, yes 🙂 That smart winged snogger 🙂 sometimes OFF is just what the doctor ordered.

Sometimes supporting something means staying away. I hope those I love understand that.