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4:15… hello. 4:15 AM. I barely opened one eye. I saw the light coming in through the glass block wall of our bathroom… not sunrise… just that first light that is grayish. And… I laid there listening to that bird. Some bird that has decided he MUST perform outside our window every day. Either that, or he is singing with a microphone a few doors down. I tried to not click my brain on and close my eyes and go back to sleep. I was somewhat successful but that bird. Over and over again in my head. Nuts you say? She is NUTS!

By 5:55 am I found myself back into a snuggly sleep when I awoke to a distinct doorbell. Ok… that made me certifiable. I’m officially now NUTS. Who the heck would be ringing our doorbell at 5:55 am.

Either way… it sent me on a mission to tiptoe down the stairs and begin my quest for the bird haunting my early mornings. Dave came down about 20 minutes later and said he awoke to bird sounds he had never heard before… LOL !!! My sound wasn’t up THAT loud on my laptop. I take comfort in the fact we must BOTH be nuts. Misery loves company.

I found a site where some man has chronicled all sorts of bird sounds in Northern Arizona where we used to live. Go figure. Why would he do this? It isn’t exactly a garden spot where he was – but heck, it sure beats 110 degrees (yes Blissie – I bet there are still spiders there though – icky ones – if there are that many birds there). You KNOW you can’t resist seeing this guy’s site, North American Bird Sounds . It actually would be cool to use if you were teaching kids and in the middle of a bird unit. (Sorry teacher in me).

So Dave thinks I’m joining the Audubon Society. Please note I am not. Yes, I am officially obsessive compulsive easily demonstrated by this post.

In general, only the male songbird sings and is he communicating one of two messages – ‘go away!’ or ‘come here!’.

~ Bird Squawk!

Come to think of it – those are the SAME two messages human males give out – in RL and SL… HOOOO! Why is it that the female gets so shortchanged – no matter what the living form? How come we don’t get a chance to sing and say ‘go away’ or ‘come here’?? All I know is I get dirty looks when I try that 🙂 Must be universal for living things… girls are expected to be quiet, pretty, and patient… waiting for that male song.

Ok. Enough. This entry is going to become cliche if I don’t end it here. I’d hate for people to think it was “for the birds” or any other cliche that could be thrown in. I’ll wait until tomorrow morning and pray that bird sings when I am ACTUALLY supposed to get up and go back to work.

Let me leave you with a little Paul McCartney if you were brave enough to muddle through these mutterings with me… Thank you Paul 🙂 I would MUCH rather wake up to you singing that at 4:15!

A YouTube experiment 🙂 Because there are way too many Beatles tunes to enjoy first thing in the morning… a KimalaKohime YouTube Beatles playlist. Hoo! (plus it kinda takes my mind off the haunting bird songs of earlier hours.

And… I can’t end without the amazing Wikipedia. Leave it to Wikipedia to show us how to appropriately use soundclips from the Beatles. Hoo!


I peeked through one eye at 4:15 only to see the clock was 2 hours earlier than what I expected. The daylight was just starting to come through our glass-block bathroom wall. The other 3 in bed with me were still snoring. (Yes… you read right… 3) Dave was wayyyyy on the other side of the bed snoring away. Followed by Simon who was also snoring away but asked politely in his sleep for his Ben10 watch. Followed by Rachel who was sweetly snoring and had her hand entwined in my hair and a leg thrown over my abdomen. Could it only be 4:15? It was at that point that my brain clicked on. There was no going back.

My poor husband. Throughout the entire school year he had to poke me with a stick and have a marching band come in to perform so I would get out of bed by 6:15. He had been up for hours at that point and completed most household tasks, had coffee on SL with Blissie or wandered the empty SL streets alone (favorite pastime of his), and planned his attack on nutso parents all before I ever even exited dreamland.

Now? 3 days into the non-school year phase of our lifetime performance and I am 3 for 3. 4:15 or 4:30 AM… awake. Does this mean I am taking the summer shift with Blissie for coffee? My blog title was already formulated before I ever left the bed. Does this mean I should try to do an earlier work day and head in by 6 so that I can work 7 to 4 this summer? Does this simply mean the adrenaline from the last few weeks is finally burning off in my system and eventually I’ll return to my old ways of loving sleep after 4:15?

I’ve had a whole string of headaches recently. Migraines actually. I’ve messed with my bed settings (sleep number.. hello… hoo!) I’ve drank enough water to float away. I’ve done stretches and downward dog. I’ve taken my trusty Relpacs… but that is NOT a long term solution. I think they could be from the fallout of returning to a very full work schedule. Overly packed event days and trips going from 0 to 90 mph in terms of work might do it. Maybe waking up at 4 something and then desperately trying to go back to sleep does it too. I think I’ve read that can cause headaches. So here I sit. Just me and my blog. And, Rachel who freaked out that I had left the bed. “Mommy, come back to bed” were her good morning words to me through tears. Snuggled beside me on the couch under a fleece blanket, she is also now wide awake.

Monday. Memorial Day (in my country). I am sure there is plenty more material in this blogging brain of mine to share… it just has to percolate. I won’t bore you with it now if you have hung in this long, appeasing my desperate need to blog the obvious.

Cheers to summer schedules and 3 day weekends and a full day ahead of barbecues and whatever else you plan to do to celebrate the official start of the summer season, and a thoughtful remembrance of those who we have the holiday for in the first place.

Is there any reason in the world you would choose to take a nap in a snuggly robe on a May afternoon in Phoenix? Add then that your daughter comes in, climbs beside you (she’s 4 almost 5) and pulls up the covers? Ok yes… we are civilized Phoenicians with that new fangled thing called air-conditioning but man! I had to actually work to make myself wake up. I even had a dream that I was asleep and couldn’t wake up – how wrong is that??

I admit – my first mistake – was slowing down enough to actually want a nap. I’m exhausted from a traveling week and a migraine yesterday and twin preschool graduation. I’m exhausted from what is to come this next week (starting tomorrow) including my mom’s birthday, the twin’s 5th birthday, a major event for work we are hosting at the zoo (Hoo!), and the much anticipated and celebrated last day of school (double Hoo!). Maybe my body imagined next week and simply thought uh uh – no reason to open those eyes – you will just get stressed out. Now that I write it all down, it does frighten me. Oh well – face ’em head on.

Summer is upon us. Summer in Phoenix is like winter everywhere else. Kids do things in the early hours when it is cool – and until June-July when eggs start to fry on the sidewalk – actually play outside in the early evenings. It still “cools” off. But then – does 100 feel cool? Most certainly yes when the temperature climbs to 115, 120. UGH. But – yes – I am over dramatizing. It is only May and we aren’t there yet thank God!

Heat coma? Hard to have an exit plan from that one. Does it mean I am masking depression? Does it mean I would rather live under the covers in my soft sleep number bed forever and avoid the realities of the rest of the world outside, on the other side of the covers? Maybe 🙂 But I know better things await me too. My 10 year old was quite enthusiastic to have me Google and Wikipedia “Heat Coma” to see if such a thing really exists outside my own crazy imagination.

Here’s what we found: Wikipedia – NOTHING. No one ever thought to write about such a thing. Google – an abstract – regarding snails that got too warm in the ocean in Scottland. Go figure. Nothing in the scientific community about exhausted working moms of 4 kids bundled up too snuggly on a Saturday afternoon in an upstairs bedroom in Phoenix. I guess I personally will have to take up this torch. My 10 year old eagerly awaits. He and I will do this research together. Hmmmm does this mean more sleep? Sleep…. gooood (caveman voice please).

Find your perfect sleep number. Decide the right temperature. Have just enough covers – but not too many. Drug your children. (joke) Snuggle in and let your body do the rest. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Just thinking about that soft snuggly bed, the light airy comforter pulled all up around my face, the pillows positioned just so – one to lay on and one to snuggle in to… even thoughts of my daughter cozying up to my back telling me “I’ll rub your back Mama” instantly transport me to a happier place.

Why tell you all this? Why do you care? Ironically, I woke up thinking about this amazing experience and how the heck it all connects to my SLife. After all, I try to obey a decent SL bedtime (except the non-school nights – Hooo!). Saying good night to each other on SL seems to be important. People are always ready to offer an enthusiastic g’nite, sleep well, or sweet dreams as you leave a club or venue – even people you don’t know. I like that. I love sleep. I can appreciate the fact they are wishing me well – even if superficially – LOL. Then, there is the act of going home from the club or venue. New avitars, mind you, don’t really have this option unless they move into a furniture store. It is funny to think about – I take my little Kimala self home and then log off. In the beginning, I even went home and went to the bed I had purchased for myself. I was so excited to have found one I loved.

Beds are a particular craft on SL. I had a freebie bed at first. The mattress was so hard all you could do was sit properly on the edge. I was too new to realize that it was worth the lindens to buy a good bed. Then… I found Pillow Talk. Oh man. The BEST SIM EVER! Everything there was about sleep and snuggling. The store was on a cloud and made up primarily of PILLOWS… pillows for one… pillows for two… pillows for snuggling… pillows for massages… pillows for… em em. I was in heaven. Heck, the sim store even looked heavenly. The sim creator Sandy Clymer MUST have been friends with Westin and the Heavenly Bed RL people. She MUST have connections. I was enthralled with my find… a Heavenly SL Bed. The sheets were the perfect texture, the mattress was the perfect firmness, and, better yet, there were spots for 2.. to snuggle. What about it WASN’T heavenly? Needless to say, it was a purchase I made without thinking twice.

As my time on SL has evolved, I found I wanted to be more creative with my island space and did away with my bed altogether. Most of the time I log off quickly to return to RL and try to make good use of my RL bedtime. I have plenty of perfect snuggle spots but the SLeeping ritual has lost its lustre. I no longer feel the need to tuck my avitar in to that warm Pillow Talk bed (shhh don’t tell Sandy) and I rarely even put on my SL pajamas any more unless it is for an event. (Please note though – good nights are still very much appreciated and enjoyed!)

So… I woke up this morning in my RL sleep number bed… (i’m a 35 btw) snuggled under the flannel sheets (I know – how lame is that – we live in Phoenix!!) and the comforter, next to the pillow, and thought … “WOW! I LOVE SLEEP! I love my bed. I need to remember that!” LOL Now why in the world would I need to mentally note I need to remember that? Well.. because that little nagging thought of SL pulls me away from sleep sometimes. Keeps me up. Draws me in. Wakes me up at random hours to try to lure me away from this amazingly warm comforting RL spot. I thought about people who don’t need as much sleep – my husband being one of them. Ok you secret middle of the night SLers… you know who you are. It pulls you away from sleep – a good RL sleep, now doesn’t it!

My thoughts jumped mentally around remembering research on sleep – loss of memory from lack of sleep, drugs to help you sleep, sleep walking, and my personal favorite – sleeping in your own bed (yes, small friends in my home – that one has your name ALL over it!). We should honor sleep. My dad taught me the best way to solve problems – really tough ones – is to ask yourself to figure them out – just before you fall asleep. It works, btw. But I digress.

I’m glad some on SL have decided to honor this very important part of being human. Sure it helps they come with sexy poses and menus (em em). But ultimately, all of us, at one time or another, in our SLives need to power down and wish everyone else good night.