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Thought you might enjoy this 🙂 Couldn’t resist sharing.



Today I was faced with several pleasant surprises 🙂 Some days are definitely better than others – for certain. I logged into Second Life today to be pleasantly surprised to come hang out for Sunday morning coffee at Sporks… SPORKS… Yeah… that place that we dedicated “Closing Time” to back in February. Borday Moo has decided somethings are too good to let go and so… wa la… just like that.. it is back!

While dancing with Mikki and Bigd, and Borday building all around us, we were visited by the infamous Bradley Bracken. He rarely makes appearances in-world any more so it is always so good to see him! But he brought news and a reminder for me to check his blog. I guiltily confessed I had been thinking how could there be anything new to blog about and maybe giving it a rest for a while… a low moment… a creativity slump if you will.

He inspired me in an instant by telling me to just go look at his blog. I was so honored by his recognition of my blog. Bradley!! You inspire me! I came into the blogosphere thinking what in the world would I ever have to say and what in the world would people ever find interesting about whatever I would say. I decided blogging was more about writing from my heart – and more like cheap therapy than some prescribed essay assignment for myself. It seems to be a formula for me that works. And, I so appreciate those of you who faithfully check in and read and respond. I appreciate you laughing with my craziness, and supporting me when I really just needed a hug. Life is so hard… and I have to tell you… having you all in the blogosphere, and in Second Life… makes a difference. (even if you ARE imaginary … heehee).

So Bradley… thank you 🙂 Thank you for being an amazing man and being friends with me in and out of Second Life. Thank you for always offering such great feedback and thoughtful responses – for me – and especially for Bigd. Hugs!

An Award That Is Meant To Be Given Away

An Award That Is Meant To Be Given Away

And… so in keeping with traditions I have 2 bloggers I must award and I hope that isn’t breaking any rules. First… a blog award to my partner in crime… Blissie Boucher. Gypsy Woman is worth reading. This NYC girl takes you on her Second Life adventures and throws in her thoughts from time to time about her adventures in RL as well. She lets me live vicariously through her and eat cupcakes to my hearts’ content. I love you Bliss! Cheers to our SL lives and all the crazy fun it brings us – and cheers to blogging! The second…if I can… do such a thing… is to award it to Yordie Sands. Yordie is another RL East Coaster who I have met in SL. She blogs about her adventures all over the SL grid and the amazing things she finds. Her blog is a wealth of Sunday field trips for us. The Moveable Feast is worth your time and definitely a look to see how vast imagination can be in Second Life.

To all of those you have poured your souls into your blogs, and your second lives, and now Plurk – I love and appreciate all of you so very much. I wish there were awards for each of you. I have no doubt these two ladies will do well passing such honors along!

Cheers Amazing Ladies and thank you good friend, Bradley Bracken!

P.S. after posting… I have to tell you I secretly followed Joonie Jatho’s blog for months before getting up enough nerve to actually type a response and then even longer after that to talk to her in-world. Silly huh? If her blog was still up – she would most definitely be deserving as well! Love you Joonie 🙂

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Do what you need to do… to DECIDE WHO GETS TO POST THIS 🙂

SO… D and I stayed up late last night and watch Saturday Night Live reruns. Somehow I had missed this after the writers’ strike ended. Man, I was laughing so hard I was crying. Dave and I drew straws. We decided it might be best if I put it on my blog… you know… being a girl and all. And… hey… if you think you need it… go find a big f*ing hat to put on before you watch it. HOOO!

So… I had heard from several sources… in RL and SL that I should explore WordPress.  I had some with Jenda in my adventures with Starbrooks Coffeehouse… but Blogger is easy and intuitive.  I’m bored though.  When I get bored in cyberspace, it must be time to move.  Tortuga Isle and the Bistro Olive were both born out of the boredom.  And… maybe… just maybe… boredom is the wrong word.  Maybe it is a creative itch that must be taken care of?

Either way… here I am.  Please be patient with me as I move in.  Cheers to Saturday a.m. couch creativity! Woot!

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flickr meme 070308
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Joonie upped the ante today. Not only did she provide blog candy questions – but it requred meticulous use of flickr and a new tool called fd’s Flickr Toys. Definitely worth the time – I love how it turned out. There are comments embedded behind each photo.

Thank goodness I had the day in my stay-cation open to take on this challenge 🙂 Woot!

Hmmm don't you think the littlest brother is the PERFECT subject for this experiment?
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hmmmm mobile blogger test #1 – no go 😦