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One thing I will never understand is why people would look to something good, look to something that is successful, and instead of trying to facilitate further success by collaboration, insist on destroying the good and success. Ego is a really horrible thing. Ego that is centered on a bloated sense of self-importance can’t be an element that encourages long term success. I suppose it is a piggyback on my thoughts yesterday from the “I” in the word TEAM. People like this may see themselves as team players – they might even refer to themselves as such – when really they are power hungry ogres.

I sat in today for my boss on a conference call with some of these people. I am reminded of the work pain and agony we went through a year ago – and have been working through ever since. It was a good experience for me in that it allowed me to see our business practices through her eyes. I have been frustrated many times by her instant rage and for once, today, saw how challenging it has been for her, as our leader, to deal with those power hungry ogres outside our organzation. I have been allowed the luxury to move forward – focus on new challenges, and immerse myself in the culture that is the larger organization I am so excited to be a part of.

The people on this call today are people I used to deal with some weeks on a daily basis. I saw them previously as allies in my work with educators and technology. Granted, the lense that I view them with has been colored, fogged, even cracked, because they chose to remove us from the team and do it without us. I suppose it is indictative of education – you always feel as an educator you can build a bigger, better wheel from the ground up. And, coming now from a non-profit business world I realize there is much we can learn from those who came before us – and those working on the wheel as we speak – WHY build it all from scratch.

Some people seem to see power and title and self-importance as the ultimate means to an end. Those people are so deluded. The real way to bring about change and make a difference in the world around us is to build up others around you, foster the seeds of good ideas, recognize the value that was there before you, and collaborate to make things even better. The days of the Roman and British empires conquering the world are antiquated. 21st century thoughts and skills require us to collaborate, acknowledge differences, and build on the power of the collective. Why is it that these people, these so-called leaders don’t see that value in the latter?

Its hard to be a Pollyanna when you are reconfronted with the arrogance of those in leadership roles. It is infuriating. It is difficult to decide whether to contribute and try to bring about change – even if small – amongst people who decided you were of no value – or to simply move on.

Still looking for that “I” in TEAM. Maybe it is something related to the terms in cyberspace – like iTeam 😉 OR maybe it still had no place and as a Pollyanna it is time to move on… and spread those cheerful good ideas and work-your-fingers-to-the bone-for-a-good-cause kinda effort on to places that value it.


So today I went back to work. I have had a really weird few weeks between traveling for work and being gone almost a week and then back to an action packed week with an event and family craziness… THEN an EXTRA long Memorial Day weekend. My schedule is out of whack. I might have forgotten how to have complete thoughts and actually finish a group of tasks in an organized fashion from a desk. I most definitely have forgotten the hideous commute – that really wasn’t so hideous today (should I actually see the gas prices as a blessing in disguise for my commute time???).

I missed my blogging time today though. I missed my time to explore all the blogs I had begun to keep up with and comments I leave. I missed my SL exploration time. Did you notice a SEVERE drop in the SL economy? You KNOW the market was severely hurt by me not having high quality shopping time 🙂 Hopefully Parker and Blissie were willing to help me out on that front. I think Jenda is too busy building her business to devote quality time to shopping so I won’t ask her to have carried that torch for me today.

Today was also the first REAL day BigD had full charge of all 4 yahoos. Yes, this is something that happens every summer. He does it well. I hear they played in the sprinklers and played games online. We are having another barbeque dinner tonite. I tell ya there is something to this whole Mr. Mom thing I could so get used to! The thought of only getting myself out the door in the morning with clothes that match, and hair that looks ok is beyond easy. It is as if Staples gave me the easy button to push and life is good again.

But I’m tired tonite. I won’t lie. I went in to work early thinking that meant I would leave early and really I left late. I have to discipline myself better to get out the door early on the back end of the day if I am going to start early. I don’t really have to have a 9 or 10 hour work day, right? I CAN turn the achieve, achieve off and be ok, right?

I had been home so many days in a row the kids thought I had left on a business trip when I talked to them on the phone this morning. Have I scared my babies for life? Poor things! All in all, I guess it is good to go back at the end of the week. Anyone can suck it up to do 2 days and then have a weekend right? (read again repeat, read again repeat is the mantra I will practice).

Happy soon-to-be Friday everyone! I’ll have better blogger thoughts tomorrow… promise! I’ll leave you with this little goodie – couldn’t pass it up 🙂

There’s a 50% Chance That You Need Therapy

If you think you need therapy, you probably do. But there’s a good chance you don’t.

Like everyone else, you have your fair share of problems. And unlike most people, you’re fairly good at solving them yourself.

Ok – I have been found guilty blogging at work. You know… the creative juice flows you have to Carpe Diem, right? I’ll admit it has to be kept in check. I do have work responsibilities. I probably SHOULDN’T spend too long reading or blogging right??

I found this little gem of a quiz in the same locale as the Snob quiz and couldn’t resists. And… BELIEVE IT OR NOT… I only took this once (I promise you RL colleagues who check up on me – heehee).

You Are 16% Slacker

You are anything but a slacker. You’re truly a go getter.
You never let laziness get in the way of living your life – and you can’t stand to see it in others.

/me breathes a sigh of relief with those results, wipes my brow and decides what work might need another look over the weekend before Monday a.m.. /me winks 😉