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I got reaquainted with my blog the other day while frantically searching for a photo. (I miss this blog and hope to become better acquainted with it again in 2011 🙂 But that is another story…)

Tuesday evening… 5:45 pm… close to time to head home and I get a phone call from my 7 year old. “Mom, can you please print me 7 photos?” the faint voice says sweetly.

“Sure, Honey. Can I do this in the morning and we can talk tonight at home about which photos you want me to print while we eat dinner?” Silence on the other end of the line shows me the disapproval is pending…

“But mom… the speech teacher is going to give me $20 speech dollars and this is VERY important and I need to have a picture of Feliz (our dog) and of Dad and of our family and and and…” His voice trailed of and he was very disappointed.

I was tired but I was not stupid. I could choose to go home but it would not be a good evening. Chaos would ensue and unhappiness would reign. My 20 minutes of hunting and printing would make for an enjoyable evening of his poster making at home. I began to hunt for photos while he talked me through what fit the description of his speech poster images in his head.

He and I had been telling stories the night before about the very special day in the hospital when he and his sister arrived in this world and how his grandparents had brought his two big brothers, Zach and Noah to greet them as newborns. It was a special moment. Only 30 minutes old, they were introduced to them and allowed to hold them, once swaddled into receiving blankets.

At a conference last week on research on newborns, I learned that the first four hours after birth, babies are the MOST alert they will be for THREE weeks. It is a magical window of time in their brain development and sensory input. Just hearing that statistic brought tears to my eyes thinking about this photo, and the special moment my four children had experienced serendipitously. How blessed they were to have bonded in that time and how they will always will be to have each other.

2010 has been an incredibly challenging year on many levels. Yet, through it all, we have learned, no matter what happens, we have each other. I hope my children will always grow up knowing that as well. No matter what, they will always have each other as well.

In this season of hustle and bustle of here and there and getting this and that… running to and fro… Remember… it is what we have within and what we have to give of ourselves to others that is the most important. It is my family, my children, and my friends that I find most comfort in this holiday season.

A Heartfelt Merry Christmas & Cheers to a wonderful, bountiful 2011!


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Whoever invented Labor Day?  I believe it was the big union leaders rising up against the big bosses (or arriving at a compromise) in the Industrial Age.  Now in the Technological Age — is there such a thing as a “real” holiday?  I’ll wait for my husband to correct my history on this one 😉

The holiday aspect for me comes with sleeping in (until 6:30 instead of 5:30), being able to find a cozy spot on the couch to snuggle and read with my youngest, cheer on the kids as they battle the world of Lego Star Wars on Wii, and just sit.  The overcast skies and intermittent rain has provided some relief of the persistent sun and relentless heat.  Silly that even though temperatures rise here, the cloudy skies trick us into a sense of relief.

I look around the house and think of all the thousands of projects and chores that need my attention.  I dream of a personal assistant and maybe even an “Alice” from the Brady Bunch to rescue us.  There is so much to do.  When do we decide we deserve a personal Labor Day as well as the professional holiday one?

My oldest stayed up late last night watching movies but tucked me in and told me how much they loved me and rubbed my back while hugging me tight.  Those are the moments you want to just freeze in time.  Those are the times when all the “labor” pays off.  The thoughts of clutter and bills and deadlines melt away and I am reminded why I care so much about these little people in my life (who are not all that little any more).

So 1 day down, 2 to go for the breathing deeply, the not-so -rushed days to just be together.  Maybe we will paint fingernails.  Maybe we will play Barbies or more Lego Star Wars.  Maybe we will just all snuggle and watch another movie.  Even from the comfort of my own couch, with the chaos of children and family all around me, I am more than willing to work a few hours on projects I’m excited about at work.  To that end I suppose I thumb my nose at the traditional labor leaders of days long past.

Most importantly I am reminded I need to structure my calendar to include these breaks, this breathing room, far more frequently than I allow myself.  Deep breaths remind me that laughter and silliness are more important than clutter control and last much longer in memories.  Life passes so quickly.  Are you remembering to breathe?

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From Bigd Flanagan…

Ok, I guess its time for another getting to know you type of blogging activity. Five questions, you only tag three other people. Lets go shall we 🙂

What’s your favorite saying?
What part of your personality do you wish not to pass on to your child?
While driving, what’s your biggest pet peeve?
If you could change your name, what would it be?
What’s the best excuse you’ve ever heard?

So here goes…

1. My Favorite Saying? “Look Away – I’m Hideous” or “Serenity Now!” or “Nobody wins with that kind of attitude.” I overuse those gestures – I know it – but I love them. I say those things in RL too so it all fits 😉 completes the RL/SL circle… LOL

2. What part of your personality do you wish not to pass on to your child? Clutter accumulation. I have the worst habit of not just getting rid of things when I should. I dont’ follow the rules of sorting paperwork like I should and just touch it once – act, file, or recycle. I save things way too long. I worry about getting rid of something with sentimental value. Eventually – it just makes for too much clutter. And.. I really think it fits with the feng shui philosophy too – with all that clutter cleaned up – you feel better mentally too. Dare I even admit my SL inventory topples 23,000 and is in desperate need of organization? Intervention needed please please!

3. While driving, what’s your biggest pet peeve? Oh – that is an easy one! I am a super tolerant driver actually. I commute so much that I am numb to most stupidity. However, one pet peeve that never seems to diminish is when someone who shouldn’t be is in the carpool lane – passes a highway patrol officer – and no one is punished. UGH! I pay good money for my car and the registration to have that priviledge. Why should some other bozo get away with it? I realize there are much bigger crimes – but come on! When it is RIGHT under the officer’s nose? It is a total ticket gimme!

4. If you could change your name, what would it be? I always loved the name Bethany or Sarah. I wanted to name Rachel Bethany actually but D wouldn’t go for it because there is a street in Phoenix called Bethany Home Road and he said he wouldn’t name his daughter after a street. *Sigh* That really wasn’t my intent but oh well 🙂 I like my name – my first and middle name… I think my parents did a great job making names that really fit well together and were unique.

5. What’s the best excuse you’ve ever heard? OMG being a teacher I think I have heard them ALL. Being a teacher that works with teachers who make excuses – that makes it exponential. Then, if you count in all the parents I have worked with over the years… OMG… the excuses make my mind boggle. I think the best excuse I ever heard is… hmmm… I guess I can’t think of one. Is that an excuse? Excuses bug the crap out of me. I wish people would just own up, take responsibility and move on. Excuses seem to be a roadblock to all that. They are insulting to the person being given the excuse – like DOH I’m not smart enough to realize you are just making an excuse.


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