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duck… duck.. no wait… GOOSE! Goose eggs… a WHOLE big pile of them… at least 1 dozen… all safe in a nest. The goose looked more like a pelican but everyone called it a goose and we were very excited to watch the nest on the screened-in porch. I’m not quite sure how the goose got in there to build a next in the first place or where she came from or where she was at the time… but there it was…a giant nest full of big oblong white eggs.

Then… I woke up. It was still early. 4:30 am…and I could picture the eggs and the nest and the setting as if it was something that had been right in front of me moments before. I told my daughter Rachel who was with me early in the morning getting ready for school about the nest and she was quite excited. We both wondered what it meaned and she asked me all sorts of questions about the look of the nest and the bird.

At work, I shared the dream with my colleague. She was on Google looking up dream symbols before I could blink! The findings were incredibily encouraging 🙂

To dream of finding a nest of eggs, denotes wealth of a substantial character, happiness among the married and many children. To see broken eggs and they are fresh, fortune is ready to shower upon you her richest gifts. A lofty spirit and high regard for justice will make you beloved by the world. To see a crate of eggs, denotes that you will engage in profitable speculations. To see bird eggs, signifies legacies from distant relations, or gain from an unexpected rise in staple products.

Pelican:Pelicans in a dream are a symbol of prosperity through sensible frugality.

This past school year has been a wild ride and we have about 2 weeks left before we launch into a slower-paced summer season. No one is counting down faster than I am! Budget meetings and staffing and work all seem like eggs in that dream. I am handling them so very carefully and hoping for the very very best… wait… I’m PLANNING on the very very best. Change is inevitable but there are always new nests of eggs to find and I am planning on the one from my dreams being symbolic and positive and a Godsend for the weeks to come.



There is always a gem or two in my email on Monday morning. Most Mondays I’m caught up in a hectic to do list and don’t take the time to read them. This morning this one just popped out at me. Some really good advice… reminding me of things I already know… but reminding me to remember and act with these 4 tenets:

1. Dream. Some people call this a “vision” or something else, but whatever term you prefer, as Stephen Covey says, you must “start with the end in mind.” If you can’t dream it, you’ll never achieve it. What do you want? Where would you like to go? How much do you want to make? Who will be with you? Dare to dream BIG!

2. Decide. Some dreams will always remain dreams, wishes or fantasies. I think day-dreams are healthy and that’s fine. But some dreams deserve the chance to come true! At some point successful people make a clear decision to “go for it.” They commit to a result, with no turning back and no excuses. Some dreams are just dreams, but other dreams deserve your best efforts and it’s up to you to DECIDE.

3. Desire. When things are tough only a burning passion and an insatiable desire will keep you going. Passion is what makes life worth living! Passion, desire and faith get us up early and keep us working all day long. When the financial markets collapse or friends laugh at our ideas or customers won’t buy, DESIRE keeps us going. Desire is the “north star” that guides successful people. Fuel your desire and it will power your dreams.

4. Daily Action. Daily discipline, daily effort, daily action to make your dreams come true is the key to all success. We’ve all heard that “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” That’s true, but we forget that a journey of a thousand miles also requires many additional steps! Each one is easy and simple, but it must be taken. Most dreams are like that. Individually, each step is reasonable and easy, but each one must be done at the right time and in the right way. There is no alternative but daily action.

~ Philip Humbert, Your Success

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