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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

I trained this afternoon at a charter school – teachers primarily in grades K-6. Because one of our programs is designed for parents and people taking care of children at home, A Place of Our Own, I always include a handout from that broadcast program, and website. There are great workshops I can do that go along with the show… most recently I have conducted them on the topics of storytelling and conflict resolution. I’m digressing a bit but I wanted to give you the background and share why the handout was on my mind. I think it applies to everyone really – not just small children, and not just people working with small children. See what you think:

  1. We think of every person is important in many diffent ways.
  2. We are kind to each other.
  3. We practice sharing together.
  4. When we like someone,  we let them know.
  5. We don’t act in ways that are hurtful to others just to get what we want.
  6. We don’t make fun of, hurt or dislike another person because of how they look.
  7. We work hard to do the best we can.
  8. We respect other people, and their feelings.
  9. We stand up for what we believe.
  10. We are responsible for upholding all the rules.
  11. Add your own:

~ KCET: A Place Of Our Own

I thought these were statements it never hurts to read over and over again – even if you aren’t working with little people. It seems these are just generally good guidelines to follow as a person of any age. I haven’t been “turning it over” enough recently. When I find myself getting worn down and running myself ragged mentally on the details, and not finding solutions despite all that extra energy expended, I know that’s my first step. My second step then is simply making sure I’m treating others how I would want to be treated. That list up above kinda covers all that.

I’m accused of being a pollyanna. Part of me takes great pride in that title. If you only knew what it takes to get out the door in the morning and not feel close to losing sanity, or to do the commute through Phoenix and not erupt into road rage, or work a long day with varied people who sometimes change their mind more often than not, you might be shocked that I am still pollyanna-ish at the end of the day.

I try really hard to get along, and to be a problem solver and solution finder. I always stress out when I can’t make all three of those happen. In that regard, I have to turn it over. Everyone will not always like me and that is ok. I will make mistakes and need to be forgiven for them, and that will be ok too. But at the end of the day… if you can remember that life is too short to not be kind, not consider the glass half full, not welcome people into your heart and really care about them, then maybe you should reconsider.

Now.. I am off to finish making spaghetti sauce since I’m actually home from work early enough to make dinner on a weeknight and maybe a whistle a happy working tune or something while I have the pigeons and the cockroaches help me clean up the house 🙂 (joke)


If you need a boost take a quick watch of this 🙂

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