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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

So back to work Tuesday like a Monday… something about a 4 day week ahead that makes it easier to get out of bed?  Something about getting husband and 4 kids out the door to their places for the day makes it easier to think about the day ahead?  Something about having my boss gone all week on vacation that makes the work week feel manageable? YES YES YES!

The pressure cooker of the last few weeks has released the steam.  This morning my youngest, Simon, bounded out of bed and with excitment said gleefully, “TODAY is a SCHOOL DAY!”  I quickly packaged all that excitement up to share with him each other day this week… just in case we have any melt downs in the forecast (cancel cancel).  My oldest got dressed, came downstairs, and promptly went back to sleep on the couch.  He tried to hide – but in a crazy house of 6 people all getting ready for the day – there really is no hiding.  He finished getting ready and in our quiet moments before leaving the house (he and I leave last together) he told me he was just so tired today and he didn’t know why.  Being 12, being 5’6″ and growing more each day, sleeping until 9:30 am at least on weekends, and then wishing he could stay up past 9:30 pm… gee… is it hard to wonder why he is tired?  Just typing that made me tired!

So… I get to work… and I find 2 exciting things in email. 1:  An email from an old college friend who I found on Linked In!  Woot!  He and I were co-chairs of the Honors Student Advisory Board (a.k.a. nerds) together and he is also a musician. (Like me knowing a musician would surprise you!?!)  Anyway… he has now been married for 18 years and outnumbers me in kids – SIX! But 2 are stepkids… not sure if that is a disclaimer or a sanity release?  He is a good guy and here is his music link to stuff he does here in the Valley… kinda fun! Gedalife. No… that isn’t a request of you, my faithful blog reader, it is his band link 🙂

Then.. my Tuesday email sorting continued and this horoscope jumped out at me. I love it. It fits. It is the way I feel. I love it when things confirm what is going on in your head. Sometimes I just love my junkmail from 🙂

Today’s Outlook: We’re more aware of others today and want to take their needs into consideration as we decide what to do. The Libra Moon helps us to remain objective as we try to understand our relationships. Nevertheless, we can already feel the pressure building from tomorrow’s conjunction between the Sun and karmic Saturn. The sooner we tie up loose ends, the better off we’ll be later on. There’s no escaping our responsibilities now and no reason to procrastinate.

Off to real work and maybe a little plurking on the side. Doesn’t that sound scandalous? Ok… I’ll just work. Keep my nose out of trouble. If you have time… please drop by the Bistro Olive Blog – Joonie has a new post and some pics there and I added a calendar. Love it when things really take off and the Bistro is definitely well on its way thanks to the amazing team effort. Hugs to all for a good day!


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